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Flexible benefits
Flexible benefits

In addition to statutory benefits, employers from time to time provide employees with supplemental benefits depending on their budgets and the applicable principles; employees are given the options of choosing the specific commercial supplementary welfare programs within this range. This shows the humane care of employers and also a way to enhance employees’ satisfaction.

Flexible benefits' Role in the "Staff Payroll" System (The picture)
Service Available
  • Employee health management
  • Employee career development
  • Maintaining employee relations, including sympathy, motivation and communication
  • Benefits management service for Chinese employees
  • Staff assistant
  • Self-service social insurance/payroll payment inquiry
Values of the Service

Company executives To show the employer’s care for employees to enhance corporate image and reputation
To enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty
To enjoy the cost advantage of DHR’s scale procurement

HR executives Easier operation without having to communicate with multiple vendors, reducing communication costs and simplifying processes
Improve employees’ satisfaction and build a stable workforce to reflect the value of HR management
A variety of benefits options to meet the needs of different groups to improve its in-house reputation

employee Diverse benefits options
Diverse welfare programs to meet individual needs
Easy access to services

Core competitiveness

We offer a platform for benefits selections that meet individual needs of employees. With DHR’s scale advantage, we help lower benefits program offers.